1. hbros1911

    Brothers Isidore and Murray Heller, wholesale produce merchants, founded Heller Bros. Co. at the Washington Market in New York City.

  2. hbros1934

    Murray moved to Orlando, FL and set out to acquire citrus fruit for distribution by Heller Bros. This same year Isidore’s son, Seymour Heller, moved to Miami to focus on the production and packing of fresh tomatoes.

  3. hbros1936

    Isidore’s other son James Heller joined his uncle Murray Heller in Orlando.

  4. hbros1939

    The growth of the citrus operation led to the formation of Heller Bros. Packing Corp., under the leadership of James Heller. Within this year the company leased then purchased a packing house in Winter Garden, FL from Seaboard Coastline Railroad. The packing house resides in the same location today, but has undergone many remodels and upgrades over the years.

  5. hbros1940

    The company began acquiring citrus groves in south Florida to help meet the demands of the packing operation and the growth of distribution business in New York. Over the years production grew to approximately 1,000,000 boxes of oranges, grapefruit and tangerines.

  6. hbros1945

    Heller Bros Packing Corp. became a member of the Winter Garden Citrus Products Cooperative, a leader in the development of frozen orange juice concentrate, a product which dominated the marketplace for decades. Heller Bros supplied close to 20% of the fruit utilized by the Co-op.

  7. hbros1956

    James Heller moved back to New York to help with the family’s investment activities. He also continued to manage the citrus operations over the next several decades through regular trips to and from New York to Florida.

  8. hbros1964

    Harvey Heller, Seymour’s son, and grandson of Isidore Heller join the company. He served as general manager and executive vice president before eventually succeeding his uncle Murray Heller at the helm of the organization.

  9. 19891989

    Harry Heller Falk joined the company and advanced through the ranks over the next several years and is currently serving as the operations head of the business and Co-CEO. Today, he and cousin Harvey Heller continue to provide leadership and direction as the company enters its 75th year of operations in the Winter Garden location.

  10.  20022002

    The wood flooring in the southwest mezzanine in the packing house was replaced with concrete flooring.

    Also purchase the 450 acre Star Grove in St. Lucie County. Star Grove produces red grapefruit and navel oranges.

  11. 20092009

    Purchased the 1000 acre Kirchman Grove in St. Lucie County. This grove produces honeybells, navel oranges and Valencia oranges.

  12. 20102010

    Alexander Heller, Harvey’s son and the 4th generation of the Heller family joined the company.

  13. 20122012

    The wood flooring in the processing area of the packing house was replaced with concrete flooring.

  14. 2013


    The degreening rooms in the packing house were rebuilt. Heller’s degreening and storage rooms can hold up to 58 – Truck loads of Citrus.

  15. 20142014

    Heller Bros launches gift division and new e-commerce website. Currently the company grows ten different varieties of Florida citrus for sale through its commercial and operations.